New York State Attorney General Stop Child Porn

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's Campaign to Fight Child Pornography Leads to Top Internet Service Providers Signing onto Code of Conduct

How is the New York State Attorney General Fighting Child Pornography?

    Stop Child Porn Feature
  • An undercover investigation by the Office of the Attorney General revealed major sources of child pornography on online public bulletin boards known as newsgroups.

  • The Office of the Attorney General formed a Code of Conduct for the Internet industry intended to stop the increase of online child pornography through these newsgroups and illegal web sites.

  • Most major Internet Service Providers in the country have signed the Code.

Under these agreements, the Internet Service Providers are eliminating access to child porn newsgroups and also purging their servers of web sites that have been identified as child porn sites by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

On, you can see if your Internet Service Provider has signed the Attorney Generalís Code of Conduct to combat child pornography, and you can urge the companies that have not signed to immediately do so.